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LIVE YOGA CLASSES at Revive Strength & Wellness

  • Sunday   4/24   noon-1 
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  • I will be out of my yoga office 4/26-5/9
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  • May 16th mark your calendars for a live class & potluck (Monday evening students)
  • See May email letter for details and more

SPECIAL DATES & INFO... April/May 2022


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'yoga for life'

This class offers an intentionally designed yoga sequence to create transformation.  Each 60 minute themed class is a mix of breath, poses, a short guided mediation, and finally, deep relaxation.


'strength yoga'

This class is the perfect twin to the yoga practice!  You will move in functional ways and build strength at the same time in this 30-45 minute class with its foundation rooted in yoga.  Balance, core stability, posture, and joint and muscle health all in one class.  


'specialty classes'

These classes go deeper into a specific topic, such as yoga therapy, injuries, yoga for specific areas of the body, pose tutorials, pranayama, mediation, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, creative sun salutes, and more!

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Yoga for Life classes

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Strength Yoga classes

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Does YOUR lower back hurt?


Low Back Relief

Spend some valuable time getting to know your lower back. This course will lead you to understand how it moves, how to keep it safe, how to instill healthy habits, and how yoga can help.

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Yoga for ALL Beginners

AM .. Desk Break .. PM Yoga

Low Back Relief

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"Mary's class is a workout for the body, a relaxation for the mind and a lesson in wisdom. While it might seem effortless, within a couple of weeks I could already notice the benefits in range of motion, strength and peacefulness."


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