The foundation of a yoga pose is how you place your feet, or sometimes, your hands, on the mat to support your body. Once in place, you 'root to rise', growing out of this firm foundation to express and expand. Similar is life and how we choose to spend our energy and time. Wisdom leads us to spend some time exploring our WHY behind our 'next right thing'. And so, after months meditating on this idea of offering my teachings online, I have come to this truth...



My WHY is very simple....


to make this practice of yoga accessible to all ..
to assist beginners so they enjoy their first steps on the mat ..
to give everyone a chance to be strong and to stand tall ..
to help students feel safe and more confident in their body ..
to teach usable skills that go beyond the mat ..
to build a compassionate community ..
to share this antidote for stress and busyness ..
to invite all to find a pause so we respond with love ..
to encourage all to breathe with ease ..
to teach all to move functionally with grace ..
to support all to sit still so we can listen, especially to each other.

                                                                       love, mary